Charlotte Warman Bitting solutions



Charlotte has been awarded the WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF LORINERS ” LORINERS AWARD 2020″


We are really proud to say we now offer a full bitting service at Kings Sedgemoor. I am a fully insured independent bitting consultant and will work with all brands.  

My training has been with and is continuing with Neue Schule in association the NS Academy. I am one of only a few people in the country who now hold the new title “Lantra Certified Bit Fitters” Alongside bitting and bridle fitting I will also have the avansce synchronicity system which will be incorporated into bit fitting consultations if wanted but also available on its own.

Bit and Bridle fitting is equally as important as saddle fit and should be part of your routine to ensure the comfort, control and way of going for your horse or pony.
Charlotte will firstly go though a questionnaire relating to your horse, its routine, tack,any historical or new issues, Or simply to find a bit that your horse goes best in, the levels of control needed and discipline legal if required. I will move onto a full head and mouth examination.
We will then tack your horse up for the ridden part. I will look at your existing bit and bridle. From here you will have a chance to try out a selection of bits to establish which type of mouthpiece your horse finds the most comfortable, and we can then discuss the levels of control needed from there. This is a very important part of fitting a bit to establish the working angles and correct fit. It’s amazing how a small change of mouthpiece can make your horse move through the shoulder more freely and seek the rein to work in a rounder frame.
I also have available, the Avansce synchronicity system.
“The avansce system reins measure the strength of your contact in each rein 100 times a second. Collecting this rein tension data enables an in-depth analysis of the rein contact which exists between your hand and your horse’s mouth in different gaits during exercises. Synchronicity assesses a combination’s ability to maintain a high-quality communication channel through the rein.”I am a independent bit fitting consultant and will be able to give fitting advice on most brands of bits and bridles including bitless bridles.For now I will be retailing Neue Schule bits and in time I hope to to stock other brands.
Bitting consultations will be held at Kings Sedgemoor EC and I will also travel to your yard. If I feel you are too far away I will happily recommend another qualified bit fitter in your area.£65 per horse or £55 if you come to me at Kings Sedgemoor.

I will be happy to do talks or demonstrations to clubs or organisations.

A consultation will last approximately 1.5hrs – 2 hours per horse/pony

For prices and booking please contact me on 07813130389