Coronva virus. CORVID – 19

19.00 – Joint statement from British Dressage and British Showjumping.

10.45am Tuesday 17th. Morning everyone. As everyone is well aware life is changing for all of us for a while. There are a huge amount of changes to be made and decisions to take. This cannot be done in one quick move but will take a couple of days to implement. People to talk to and governing bodies to give directives. BD will be Wednesday and BS is yet unknown. Changes at KSEC will be made one step at a time, depending on government advice and affiliated bodies advice also our own well being. As you know KSEC is a small business and your health, our teams health and our own health of course take priority.

Please see click on the link below for the latest BEF statement in relation to the Coronavirus…

Please remember regular hand washing with soap.